Golf Carts


A perfectly running golf cart enhances golf outings.

Total Power Parts carries hundreds of parts to keep your golf cart running like new.

A day on the golf course is a joy. Enjoying fresh air and sunshine, gathering with friends and hitting the links all combine to make it the perfect day. There’s one other thing that can make or break how much you enjoy your day, and that is how well your golf cart operates. If it’s working perfectly, you won’t give your golf cart a second thought. But if anything is amiss, your golf cart can become a distraction that impacts your day in the wrong way. That’s why Total power Parts carries a wide range of premium quality parts to keep your golf cart running like new.

Total Power Parts is proud to offer golf cart parts and accessories from Red Hawk, a premier supplier of quality products made specifically for the golfing industry. Red Hawk has earned a solid reputation for excellence in quality within the golfing community. These golf cart replacement parts are known for reliability, high performance and long service life. With Red Hawk parts in place, you’ll focus on a day of fun on the golf course, not how your golf cart is working.

Total Power Parts carries these parts specifically made for golf carts: belts, clutches, brake parts, bushings, carburetors, electrical, lights, mirrors, cables, seat belts, seat kits, steering components, windshields and more.