Seat Belts


Replacement seat belts for golf carts

Total Power Parts carries hundreds of parts to keep your golf cart running like new.

Seatbelts are a vital safety feature for golf carts or any moving vehicle. It’s easy to be lulled into thinking that seatbelts are only necessary for faster moving vehicles such as cars, but that is far from the truth. Golf carts travel at a speed that could lead to serious injury if the riders experience a sudden stop or fall out. Another common misconception is that the likelihood of an accident is virtually non-existent. While a direct collision with another golf cart is rare, the occurrence of hitting a rut that jars the golf cart is more common. Consequently, the installation and use of seat belts in golf carts is important.

Quality golf cart seat belts
Total Power Parts offers best-of-class seat belts made from durable materials that hold up under frequent use and outdoor weather conditions. These seat belts components are made with the conditions encountered by golf carts in real world environments. Because safety is important, no compromises in materials or craftsmanship are taken in the manufacture of these seat belts.