Brake Parts


Top-line brake replacement parts for golf carts

Total Power Parts carries hundreds of parts to keep your golf cart running like new.

If your brakes aren’t in prime condition, your golf cart shouldn’t be in motion. Total Power Parts carries best-of-class golf cart replacement brake parts. With our parts, you can rest assured that your golf cart will stop reliably and quickly every time.

Golf course tested for high performance
Our brake parts have been tested and used on thousands of golf carts. These parts are proven performers that you can have full confidence in. Signs that you may need a brake inspection and maintenance include slippage when attempting a stop, screeching or grinding noises when applying the brakes and delayed reaction when pressing down on the brake pedal.

An extensive selection of brake parts
Total Power Parts carries many brake components for your golf cart, including brake shoes, brake drums, brake switches, brake rotors, brake pad light switches and more. Our selection of brake replacement parts lets you complete a wide variety of golf cart brake repairs.

Have confidence in your stopping power
Knowing you can stop quickly when needed inspires confidence and improves safety on the golf course. It’s a good feeling that makes your day on the golf course even better.