Belts & Clutches


Quality belts and clutch replacement parts for golf carts

Total Power Parts carries hundreds of parts to keep your golf cart running like new.

Total Power Parts offers belts and clutch components to keep your golf cart running in peak performance. These belts and clutches are made to exact OEM specifications for listed applications. You can rest assured that the parts will install easily and perform flawlessly.

Golf cart belts
Our golf cart belts meet high standards for performance. They resist stretching, cracking or glazing for an extended time to prolong the service life. Our quality belts will keep you focused on your golf game and not on the performance of your golf cart. When your golf cart is working flawlessly, you’ll give 100% of your concentration to your game.

Golf cart clutch replacement parts
Best-of-class golf cart clutch replacement parts ensure smooth operation. Our clutch components help you maintain consistent speeds when riding on the golf course. If you experience erratic rates of speed on your golf cart, you might consider inspecting the condition of your clutches. Another telltale sign of failing clutches is an increased difficulty in traveling up hills and slopes. Restore like-new performance of your clutches with our golf cart replacement parts.