Steering & Components


Replacement steering components for golf carts

Total Power Parts carries hundreds of parts to keep your golf cart running like new.

Steering your golf cart should be crisp and responsive. If the steering on your golf cart has become sloppy and unresponsive, check out these steering components from Total Power Parts. These golf cart steering components are finely engineered with top-grade materials and precision craftsmanship to deliver the performance you want. When you turn the steering wheel, you can expect immediate and controlled turning with our golf cart steering components.

Better steering, better game.
You might not initially think of the operation of your golf cart as part of your game, but it really does matter. If you feel frustration because of unresponsive steering, you will bring that frustration to your play. Unfortunately, that erodes your concentration and focus on your golf game. Responsive steering leads to a more relaxed and stress-free mindset, and our steering components deliver exactly that.

Steering is a safety issue.
Steering delivers control, and that has everything to do with safety. You need precisely controlled steering to avoid obstacles, maneuver in tight spots and change course if necessary. Steering that is sloppy compromises safety, and that is never something to take a chance with wherever you go.