Battery Accessories


Quality battery accessories and supplies for golf carts

Total Power Parts carries hundreds of parts to keep your golf cart running like new.

Total Power Parts offers a wide variety of accessories and supplies that ensure good battery performance for reliable starts and operation of your golf cart. You’ll find battery charge meters, hardware, ring terminals and spray-on battery cleaner.

Keep golf cart batteries in good working order
Our golf cart battery accessories are designed to protect and maintain long-term battery health. That’s important because you don’t want to be caught with a weak or dead battery on golf day, or worse yet stranded out on the course.

Golf cart battery accessories and supplies
Our selection of golf cart battery accessories and supplies will help keep you in motion on the golf course. Rely on our charge meters for an accurate reading of the strength of your battery. With a well-functioning charge meter, there won’t be any surprises. You’ll also find a variety of battery plates and hold down plates in our battery hardware collection. Our ring terminals are precision made for best-of-class performance. We also offer spray-on battery terminal corrosion protection and cleaner products for routine maintenance.